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2013–14 Cycle D On-site Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)/Local Educational Agency (LEA) Training Survey


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The Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) Cycle D on-site reviews have concluded, and at this time the FPM Office would like your feedback. The information you provide will assist us to improve the FPM review process and the training we provide to the LEAs and CDE staff.

This survey consists of 14 statements and should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your input and time.

  1. North/South LEA training provided by the FPM Office in Summer 2013 adequately prepared the LEA to upload documents into CAIS.

  2. The LEA training that was provided by the FPM office adequately prepared the LEA to understand and manageably navigate through the various instruments for the programs being reviewed.

  3. The LEA Coordinator had access to complete information on setting up CAIS accounts for LEA staff who are involved in the FPM process.

  4. CDE provided adequate assistance and communication to prepare for the on-site visit.

  5. There was adequate information in the “Associations” and “Required/Suggested” areas for each program item to show what documents can be uploaded to demonstrate meeting legal requirements.

  6. CDE staff provided adequate support and guidance on navigating CAIS.

  7. Online communication through CAIS was clear.

  8. LEA staff time was efficiently spent using CAIS during the Cycle D FPM process.

  9. There was adequate coordination during the FPM review between the CDE Regional Team Leader and the CDE Program Reviewers.

  10. During the FPM exit meeting, the CDE Regional Team Leader provided the LEA with adequate information on the Resolution Process in CAIS.

  11. Overall, CAIS facilitated the LEA’s organization and preparation for the FPM review.

  12. The CAIS County Lead provided adequate technical assistance and support.

  13. There was consistency in the review findings among program reviewers.

  14. The scheduling of the FPM review met the needs of the LEA.

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