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Private School Affidavit 2022–23

Completed Affidavit

Yes, the school is a full-time private school and meets the exemptions as set forth in EC Section 48222 External link opens in new window or tab..

School Information
School Name: Reyn Franca School
CDS Code: 50710687036767
County: Stanislaus
District: Denair Unified
Type of School: Coeducational
School Accommodations: Day Only
School Provides Special Education: Yes
Low Grade: Kindergarten
High Grade: Grade Twelve
High School Diploma Offered: Yes
Classification of School: Non-Religious
School Address
Physical Address: 4041 Main St. , Denair , CA 95316
Mailing Address: 2855 Geer Rd., Turlock , CA 95382
School Contact Information
Phone: (209) 668-8594
Fax: (209) 668-7443
Primary Email:
Website: No Data
Prior Year
Changed School Name: No
Former School Name: No Data
Changed Districts: No
Former District: No Data
Statistical Information
Age of youngest student is: 11 years (No months were entered)
Age of oldest student is: 17 years
Number of Twelfth Grade Graduates for Previous School Year: 0
Full-time Teachers: 3
Part-time Teachers: 0
Administrators: 1
Other Staff: 11
Kindergarten: 0
First Grade: 0
Second Grade: 0
Third Grade: 0
Fourth Grade: 0
Fifth Grade: 0
Sixth Grade: 1
Seventh Grade: 8
Eighth Grade: 5
Ninth Grade: 5
Tenth Grade: 4
Eleventh Grade: 4
Twelfth Grade: 3
Administrative Staff
Title: Administrator
Name: Mr. Travis Lake
Phone: (209) 668-8594 Ext. 301
Address: 4041 Main St. , Denair , CA 95316
Title: Director
Name: Shelby Hamaguchi
Phone: (209) 668-8594 Ext. 310
Address: 4041 Main St. , Denair , CA 95316
School Records
Per Education Code (EC) Section 33190 External link opens in new window or tab., private schools are required to maintain the following records, provide the location of these records, and name a custodian of records.
  1. The records required per EC Section 48222 External link opens in new window or tab..
  2. The courses of study offered by the institution.
  3. The names and addresses, including city and street, of its faculty, together with a record of the educational qualifications of each.
Title: Other
Name: Karen Mahal
Address: 4041 Main St. , Denair , CA 95316
Phone: (209) 668-8594 Ext. 302
Records Location: 4041 Main St. , Denair , CA 95316
Tax Status
Tax-exempt, Nonprofit Status Under 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code: Yes
Tax-exempt, Nonprofit Status Under Section 23701d of the California Revenue and Taxation Code: Yes
Property Tax Exemption Under Section 214 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code: Yes
None of the Above: No
Acknowledgment and Statutory Notices

Please read and acknowledge the following:

  • All Private School Affidavits are public documents viewable by the public.
  • The Private School Affidavit must be filed by persons, firms, associations, partnerships, or corporations offering or conducting full-time day school at the elementary or high school level for students between the ages of six and eighteen years of age.
  • Preschools should contact the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of the California Department of Social Services. Contact CCLD at 916-229-4530 or contact a regional office.
  • The Affidavit is not a license or authorization to operate a private school.
  • The Private School Affidavit does not indicate approval, recognition, or endorsement by the state. Filing of this Affidavit shall not be interpreted to mean, and it shall be unlawful for any school to expressly or impliedly represent by any means whatsoever, that the State of California, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Board of Education, the CDE, or any division or bureau of the Department, or any accrediting agency has made any evaluation, recognition, approval, or endorsement of the school or course unless this is an actual fact (see EC Section 33190 External link opens in new window or tab.).
  • Private school authorities are responsible for initiating contact with the appropriate local authorities (city and/or county) regarding compliance with ordinances governing health, safety and fire standards, business licensing, and zoning requirements applicable to private schools.
  • When a school ceases operation, every effort shall be made to give a copy of pupils' permanent records to parents or guardians. If records cannot be given to the parents or guardians, it is recommended that the school's custodian of records retain the records permanently so that former pupils may obtain copies when needed for future education, employment, or other purposes.
  • You shall retain a copy of this document for a period of three years.
  • A private school shall not employ a person who has been convicted of a violent or serious felony or a person who would be prohibited from employment by a public school district pursuant to EC Section 44237 External link opens in new window or tab.. This school is in compliance with EC Section 44237 External link opens in new window or tab. to the extent that it applies.
  • The students enrolled in this private school and included in the school's enrollment total are full-time students in this school and are not enrolled in any other public or private elementary or secondary school on a full-time basis.
Acknowledge: Yes
Title: Administrator
Name: Travis Lake
Date & Time Filed: 11/07/2022 03:23 PM
12/06/2022 07:05 PM
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