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Mandate Block Grant (MBG) Application

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Fiscal Year 2023–24

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CDS CodeCharter NumberCharter Fund TypeLocal Educational AgencyParticipatingNot ParticipatingNot Submitted
01-10017-0000000   Alameda County Office of Education X
01-10017-0112607 0811DEnvision Academy for Arts & Technology X
01-10017-0123968 1284DCommunity School for Creative Education X
01-10017-0124172 1296DYu Ming Charter X
01-10017-0125567 1383DUrban Montessori Charter X
01-10017-0130625 0398DAlternatives in Action X
01-10017-0131581 1707DOakland Unity Middle X
01-10017-0136101 1881DConnecting Waters Charter - East Bay X
01-10017-0136226 1888LOpportunity Academy X
01-10017-0137448 1908DAurum Preparatory Academy X
01-10017-0138867 2027DHayward Collegiate Charter X
01-10017-6001788 0740DCox Academy X
01-10017-6002000 1464DLazear Charter Academy X
01-61119-0000000   Alameda Unified X
01-61119-0119222 1066DNea Community Learning Center X
01-61119-0122085 1181DThe Academy of Alameda X
01-61119-0130609 0352DAlameda Community Learning Center X
01-61127-0000000   Albany City Unified X
01-61143-0000000   Berkeley Unified X
01-61150-0000000   Castro Valley Unified X
01-61168-0000000   Emery Unified X
01-61176-0000000   Fremont Unified X
01-61176-0130534 0152LCircle of Independent Learning X
01-61192-0000000   Hayward Unified X
01-61192-0108670 0684DLeadership Public Schools - Hayward X
01-61192-0127696 1514DKnowledge Enlightens You (KEY) Academy X
01-61192-0127944 1543DHayward Twin Oaks Montessori X
01-61192-0137646 0836DImpact Academy of Arts & Technology X
01-61200-0000000   Livermore Valley Joint Unified X
01-61218-0000000   Mountain House Elementary X
01-61234-0000000   Newark Unified X
01-61242-0000000   New Haven Unified X
01-61259-0000000   Oakland Unified X
01-61259-0100065 0510DOakland Unity High X
01-61259-0106906 0661DBay Area Technology X
01-61259-0108944 0700DLighthouse Community Charter High X
01-61259-0109819 0726DAspire Berkley Maynard Academy X
01-61259-0111476 0780DAchieve Academy X
01-61259-0111856 0765DAIMS College Prep High X
01-61259-0114363 0882DAmerican Indian Public Charter School II X
01-61259-0114868 0883DOakland Charter High X
01-61259-0115014 0938DKIPP Bridge Academy X
01-61259-0115238 0837DARISE High X
01-61259-0115592 1442DLearning Without Limits X
01-61259-0118224 1023DAspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy X
01-61259-0126748 1449DLPS Oakland R & D Campus X
01-61259-0128413 1577DAspire College Academy X
01-61259-0129635 1661DDowntown Charter Academy X
01-61259-0129932 1620DEast Bay Innovation Academy X
01-61259-0130617 0349DOakland Military Institute, College Preparatory Academy X