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Distinguished Schools Signature Practices

Signature Practices Search

In this Web application, you will find Signature Practices submitted by the XXX middle schools and XXX high schools selected as 2013 California Distinguished Schools; the 387 elementary schools selected as 2012 California Distunguished Schools; the 49 middle schools and 51 high schools selected as 2011 California Distinguished Schools; and the 484 elementary schools selected as 2010 California Distinguished Schools. The schools believe these practices contributed to the success of their students. Users of the tool may search it in a variety of ways — by location, school demographics, type of school, and focus of the practice.



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The descriptions of signature practices provided on this Web application have been gathered from the elementary, middle, and high schools that were designated as 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 California Distinguished School recipients. These descriptions are being made available to assist personnel at California public schools in finding program information about successful school and classroom practices. They are provided for reference purposes only.

The California Department of Education (CDE) has not changed or altered any of the descriptive material submitted by the schools. There is no endorsement of any of these specific practices or any of the commercial products used in them by the CDE. Contact the school directly with any questions in this regard.

More information about the California Distinguished Schools Program can be found on the California School Recognition Program Web page.